Michael Warren – Promotion to Assistant Owner

18 December 2012

When Mike joined the company everyone was impressed by his confidence, professionalism and his maturity. He first worked with Ieuan Roberts (MD of Revolution Marketing Int Ltd) when he was a Crew Leader and Mike was able to see a fine example of the promotional structure completed successfully. It was obvious Mike got off to a good start but it’s been his solid determination to succeed that has got him to where he is now.

Mike has managed to build a great team around him, who respect and trust him and will follow him through his future promotions. He has a well balanced approach to management, where he uses his genuine personality and his strong work ethic to be a prime example in the office.

A large part of Mike’s success has been because of his learning techniques. He has been the perfect student for Dan Thompson and has not been afraid to apply his own thoughts and ideas. Overall everyone at Blackcode Advertising is really excited to see him hit his promotion and can’t wait for the next one!

We asked Mike to answer a few questions on his recent Promotions:


What did you do before joining this business?

Before starting in the business I was getting ready to start my final year at University where I was studying Business Management.

What do you think have been the reasons for your recent success?

I feel the main reasons for me getting promoted are that I am always willing to learn and develop and to give 100% to achieve my goals.

What are your business goals?

To get promoted to ownership by July this year and to run my own company in the Home Efficiency Division in Brighton.

What are your personal goals?

To own an apartment in Brighton and to help my family out financially.

What are your Top Tips for someone that is aiming to get promoted to Assistant Ownership?

-Educate yourself

-Get great at sales

-Think big/Talk big