Business Development Programme

The Business Development Programme is a proven and structured way to get your career in sales and marketing off the ground. It is specifically tailored for each individual and includes one-to-one coaching conducted in a relaxed and fun environment.

Having already mastered the skills learnt from the sales programme, you will be guided through more advanced stages of the business.

Our ethos is about relationships and developing business partnerships. All future management and leadership is sourced from within.

The Business Development Programme is a five-stage programme that will allow you to develop all the skills necessary at every level. By completing the programme you will become competent in the skills required to manage a successful marketing company. You have the opportunity to progress at your own rate with no restrictions.

Stage 1

Field representative – Covers the basic elements of sales and customer service so that you can develop the essential skills which will allow you to effectively represent clients.

Stage 2

Leadership – Learn how to plan and utilise your time effectively, develop self motivation skills which enables you to take responsibility for teaching and coaching others.

Stage 3

Team leadership – Become skilled at motivating and maximising performance both for yourself and your team.

Stage 4

Assistant Ownership – Learn the coaching, recruitment, development, resourcing and financial management skills required to run a marketing company.

Stage 5

Ownership – Run a marketing company and influence its growth, profitability and success by applying the knowledge you have gained by completing the program

As we face ever increasing demand from the clients we represent to expand our business we are constantly looking for talented people to join our Business Development Programme. Experience is not important, a desire to learn and a hunger to succeed is.